RADICAL HOSPITALITY - 2017 - IDIO Gallery - for installation - 24 pages - Ed. 20

Xeroxed, overlaid photos from Turkish-owned thrift stores in Berlin, taken by unknown photographers (generally German, in Turkey, some WWII)



We are the spirits, cycled through persistent matter, piles of ancient ash. When rare energies tesselate, we loosen our grip on the architecture of our modern sensibilities and grasp, release some of the whole wisdom we carry but cannot know, timed for need. Leave behind the anti-, the alter-, the post-. We are done reacting. We are done submitting. We manifest action and authenticity. Spiritual connection. Culture as context. Faith in chaos. Set the clocks to absurd. You have all the skills. We are greater than the sum of our parts.We are the new spirit.

Each sbmission is an authentic manifestation. We all want transcendence, but few embrace the fear. In this new spirit is a collection of manifestations of these few. There are no instructions beyond this manifesto.


Published in 2013 in San Francisco, included:

  • 20 artists - painters, poets, photographers, architects, writers, mixed-media artists and musicians

  • 12 cities - San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Montreal, Paris, Lyon, Athens, Oslo, Stockholm, and Berlin

  • 40 pages - every page an individual art piece - entirely hand-made, layered collaborations.