Radical Hospitality, 2014-2019, 2-channel video, participatory sound installation and sculpture.

Radical Hospitality is the outcome of over two years of research, installation and experimentation. It is an investigation of the stranger, of place, and of interactions on the edge. The 2-channel video installation presents a 1.5-hour abstract film shot in 30 days throughout the Mediterranean, into the Middle East, across Western Europe and up to the Arctic Circle. An itinerant with only a camera, Montana Simone documents the experience of unsolicited hospitality in these cultures subtly labeled as hostile in current Western discourse.

The film was first installed at IDIO Gallery, Montana Simone’s exhibition-space and curatorial experiment in "hospitality”. In its first iteration, the installation includes large, boulder-like sculptures upholstered in Turkish textiles, which are built to invite the viewer’s body. The Sculptures resonate from inside with the sound of the film and from the “live score” that viewers are free to create from Western and Eastern instruments strewn across the room. Open from sunrise to sunset, the installation is an experiment in extreme hospitality, where the guest, any Other, any stranger, can do as they please. By recording the sounds created during the installation, the project is completed and the resulting in a “score”. From this we can observe the results of freedom and openness. At every level, from consciousness to body, native to citizen, guest to host, we cross the threshold at the edge and meet ourselves when we meet the strange.

Audio recorded during the two iterations of Radical Hospitality at IDIO Gallery in 2016 and at The Every Woman Biennial in 2019, will be compiled and added to the film as its score, to create the final product of an experience in the power of empathy and freedom from identity.

Press coverage: New York Times, Artnet, Art Critique, LA Weekly

Zine made as performance, during the first opening of Radical Hospitality, on the printer in the installation, from photos in the installation, during the 2017 opening at IDIO Gallery - Ed. 20